14-in-1 Philips Trimmer, for face, hair and body [philips]

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Deal Score+1

Perfect your personal style with our trimmer for unprecedented precision and versatility. The 14 high quality attachments allow you to create your own style from head to toe. Enjoy the highest precision with DualCut blades and additional safety with the non-slip rubber handle. 

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Philips Trimmer

  • The all-in-one hair clipper has DualCut technology for maximum precision. It has twice as many blades that will self-sharpen and stay as efficient for up to 5 years as on the first day.
  • This practical all-in-one trimmer trims and styles your facial, head and body hair.
  • Use the metal trimmer with DualCut technology without a comb for clean, precise edges on the beard, neck and hairline, or trim your body hair to a minimal length.
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