Fitness trampoline – Get on it, burn fat, get fit [Sport thieme]

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199.95 249 Buy It Now

Get this Fitness trampoline at discounted price and burn fat. This trampoline will help you in strengthening your ankle joint and leg muscles through targeted exercises. It also has detachable mobile phone holder, fitness computer and handrail. You can get this trampoline in just 199.95, instead of 249. So, hurry up and get your trampoline before the sale

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Joka Fit fitness trampoline

  • To promote fitness, coordination and balance
  • Strengthening the ankle joint and leg muscles through targeted exercises
  • Stabilization of the thighs, calves and core muscles
  • Exercise that is easy on the joints is possible thanks to the rubber rope suspension system
  • Including detachable handrail, mobile phone holder and fitness computer

The Joka Fit fitness trampoline “Cacau 2.0” was named after the professional soccer player Cacau, who has been Joka’s brand ambassador since 2016.

The Joka Fit fitness trampoline “Cacau 2.0” offers an effective and joint-friendly training. Thanks to the height-adjustable handrail, jumping exercises can be performed even better. With the trampoline training you promote your fitness, coordination and balance. In addition, you will strengthen your ankle and leg muscles through targeted jumping exercises. A positive side effect is that thigh, calf and trunk muscles are stabilized. Jumping stimulates lymph circulation, which is good for your metabolism. Would you also like to strengthen your upper body? By simply loosening two screws, the handrail can be removed from the socket in just a few steps. So you have enough space to train with tubes on the trampoline.

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Source: Sport thieme

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