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We want to have fun here and hunt for bargains together. So that it is fun for everyone involved, you should always be friendly. This also applies if you disagree with another user. In general, the discussion should proceed in an orderly manner. The following points, among others, are not permitted:

  • Illegal or inhumane content
  • Help and / or links regarding illegally acquired software as well as copyright and license violations.
  • Provocations and insults
  • Multi accounts
  • Affiliate program, advertising and theft links with referrers as well as advertising for your own products or websites, private Ebay auctions and the like, which would be regarded as self-promotion
  • Offers from private individuals
  • Offers on tobacco products, tobacco products as well as e-cigarettes and liquids
    Offers on pepper sprays or other products that are primarily bought for personal protection
  • Pornography, but there are definitely better forums for that
  • Spam in any form
  • The use of signatures
  • Only real requests are allowed in the Wanted Forum. Offers like “I want you for XY” are not permitted.

What else ?
Posted topics, posts and other content can be edited, moved and deleted by moderators at their own discretion. In the event of a violation, you will be notified and, if necessary, warned. If you regularly and deliberately violate the rules, your account may also be blocked. If you overdo it, your account will be blocked without warning. All stored data will not be passed on to third parties. We hate spam as much as you do.

Of course, you can also have your account deleted again if you wish. However, the articles and contributions created remain (anonymized) in order not to take other contributions out of context.

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Please read the term & conditions of any deals/coupons/vouchers posted here on their website. ourdealz.de or author will not be responsible for your loss.

If the deal has been expired then please comment on the post. We will deactivate it.


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